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This section is for members that are out on a cruise to let us know how good life is when you are lucky enough to leave the dock and go to other points for an extend amount of time.

2016  Cruises

Becky, Art and Bella Have gone Sailing

2015  Cruises

Paul & Dennis go to the Bahamas and Byound!

Rich and Cathy on Rikava are Bahamas Bound.

2014  Cruises

Paul & Dennis and Kevin go to the Keys

2013  Cruises

Rick's SPOT Shared Page

Read about Rick's Adventure

2012  Cruises

Florida Keys Bound II  (Art Liming, Tad Bailey, Tom Allen, Sean Allen, and Don Weller)

2011  Cruises

Art Liming adventures to the Keys

2009  Cruises

Chad Heads for the Keys

Woody Goes to NY

Chip & Paul, Bahamas' Bound

Larry and Cat off again in 2009

2008 Cruises

Larry and Cathy Casey

    2008 Larry and Cathy take off for another cruise.

    2007 Larry and Cathy departed on April 19, 2007 for an 8 month cruise up the east coast of the US.


Paul and Chip  (Click for log)

    Paul and Chip are departed on 30 Oct, 2007 for a 30 day cruise down to the Dry Tortugas then back up the west coast of Florida.