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2 July 2008


Just a short note to let y'all know we are alive and well.  My sons Ian and Matt and myself just finished the Coast Guard Captain's course

(OUVP) and passed the exams!  Very good learning experience for all of us and I thought I knew it all.  Well, maybe I did at one time but you know how it is when you get older, amongst other things the memory doesn't work as well as it once did.  Cat and I are headed back to the mountains tomorrow and plan to spend most of the next three or four months there.  "Carolina Breeze" is safely tucked in at the Brunswick Landing Marina and will remain there until the weather cools off a little again.  We hope the summer is going well for all of you and hope to see you down the way somewhere.

 Your friends,

Larry and Cat


6 May 08

Hi All,

Well, the "Carolina Breeze" has found her home for the summer and it is the Brunswick Landing Marina in Brunswick, GA. It is a very nice marina and is well protected should a stray storm decide to make an appearance. Statistics show that they haven't had a single hurricane hit the area (some minor brushes) in the last 60 years so hopefully that tradition will continue. Cat and I are now in Charleston visiting her brother Marty and his family again before heading up to Virginia tomorrow in a rental car to pick up our Tahoe which is in storage in Deltaville. The plan is to spend as much time as we can in the mountains this summer with trips to Florida and Georgia to visit friends and relatives and to Oregon for a friend's wedding. At this point we plan to sail back to the Bahama's after hurricane season (more central islands this time) and come back up through the Abaco's in the spring. We hope to hook up with a few cruiser friends we made this trip for next time and of course any of you cruisers out there who would like to come along are more than welcome to join the flotilla. We will leave you with a few parting pictures and a heart wish for a great summer.

Larry and Cat

Cat and Linda Clayton at Manjack

Cat and Linda Clayton at Manjack

Cat and Linda Clayton at Manjack

On the trail at Manjack Cay

Manjack Cay Beach

Brunswick Landing Marina

Brunswick Landing Marina

Manjack Beach Pot Luck

Happy hour on "Sojourner", Spanish Cay

"Carolina Breeze" in the sunset on the crossing (courtesy Rick Clayton)


28 Apr 08

"Carolina Breeze" and crew are safely back in US waters and anchored off the marina at Fernandina Beach, FL. We made a 52 hour passage from Spanish Cay in the Abaco's (333 nautical miles) with two other buddy boats, "Sojourner" from Texas and "First Edition" from New Jersey. The trip was relatively uneventful except for "First Edition"

losing engine power about 30 miles off Jacksonville in no wind (clogged fuel filter) and "Sojourner" getting a large plastic bag wrapped around her prop in about the same location (dove over and cut it off). We are happy to be back but miss the beautiful clear waters and green cays of the Bahamas. Our plan is to let a weather system pass over us today then set sail for Charleston, SC to spend a few days with Cats Brother Marty and his family before getting the boat settled in for the summer somewhere.

Happy Spring to All,

Crusin' Casey's

20 Apr 2008

Ahoy Friends,

Well, the last of our visitors, Cats brother Marty, departed yesterday so we are now preparing to make our way back to the great US of A. We will meander back up the coast of Great Abaco stopping at some places of interest along the way and then plan to ride the Gulf Stream north as long as the weather and our desires will allow. If we can avoid the Florida Intracoastal Waterway it will save us a lot of time and motoring hours on the engine. We still aren't sure where we will berth the boat for the upcoming hurricane season but are considering places all the way from Georgia to Virginia again. We have had a great visit to the Abacos, seen some wonderful sights and met some fantastic people. We will definitely be cruising the Bahamas again and would love for some of our boater friends to join us. Keep that in mind.


Larry and Cat

Cat and Marty

Great Guana Beach looking for sea glass

Brother and sister

Bahama Sunset

Man-O-War mainstreet

Hopetown Light

Captain and his mate

31 March 2008

 Ahoy Friends,                                                                                                                

We are still surviving our Bahamas adventure and have really had some great company over the past few weeks.  Our friends Brad and Tosh Lawrence enjoyed the experience (we think) and seemed relaxed and tanned when they hit the airways back to Tucson last week.  Cat and I had a couple of days to get the boat ready for more company and then Ian, Sara and the girls (Victoria and Emelie) arrived for their visit.  The airline connections to Marsh Harbor seem to be on island time like most everything else here but their flight was only an hour late arriving as opposed to Brad and Tosh who arrived over three hours late.  Good thing Cat and I had things to entertain ourselves while we waited. 

 We have visited Great Guana Cay, Treasure Cay, Man-o-war Cay, Hope Town and are now in Little Harbor for a few days.  Every place we have been has itís own unique charms but personally I think that Little Harbor has been one of the most beautiful.  There isnít much here except a wonderfully protected harbor, a bar/restaurant/artist boutique (Peteís Pub), beautiful beaches, ocean vistas and a few vacation homes.  We have had exceptionally strong winds for a couple of days (20-30kts) but are riding well here in the harbor and the food and rum are good.

We will probably head out on the tide in the morning and make our way up to Lubbers Quarter Cay and then maybe Hope Town again for a day or two.  Life is good and the schedule is flexible.

 I will include a few more pictures for your enjoyment.  We wish you all well and send our love. 

Larry, Cat and company

Cat enjoying the hammock

Tosh, Brad, and Cat at Treasure Cay Beach

Lively game of Chicken Foot dominoes with Ian and the girls

Captain Wide Brim (Ian) at the wheel

Little Harbor

Ian and the girls at Little Harbor

Taking a hike

Little Harbor ocean view

Pete's Pub

View of Little Harbor over Pete's Pub



7 Mar 08

Hi ya'll,
Cat, myself, and the Carolina Breeze are now in Marsh Harbor, Abaco to wait out a frontal passage scheduled for tomorrow evening with clocking winds and possible storms with 40+ knot gusts.  This will be the third one of those we have seen since arriving in the islands and each one is an adventure with shifting winds and boats that haven't anchored so well dragging the harbor.  The first we rode out at Great Sale Cay which is north of Grand Bahama Island a few miles and on our course over to the northern Abacos.  We had some 40+ knot gusts in that one too and the worst of it came out of the southwest.  Interesting night to say the least.  We have seen some beautiful sights along the way with stops at Fox Town, Allans-Pensacola Cay, Manjack Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay and now Marsh Harbor.  There are lots of cruisers around now, most of them making their way slowly back to the north from the central and southern Bahamas as the weather warms.  Lots of smart Canadians too, they get out of that cold grey weather as often as they can.  We plan to stay here for a couple of days then probably head over to Great Guana Cay and maybe Man-O-War before coming back here next Thursday to pick up our friends from Arizona, Tosh and Brad Lawrence.  They will be with us for about 10-12 days so we will see what kind of mischief we can get into with them.  I am attaching a few more photos, enjoy. 

Carolina Breeze anchored off West End

Great Sale Cay anchorage during frontal passage

Signing Tree, Allans-Pensacola Cay

Makeshift swing at Allans-Pensacola

Sunrise, Manjack Cay

Harbor at New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay


24 Feb 08

Hi All,
We finally made it over to the promised land of clear warm water and sunshine.  We crossed from Lake Worth inlet yesterday and had a good crossing with 10-18 kt SW winds giving us a good push and 4-5 foot seas.  Made it into West End anchorage about 3PM and with a little help from a fellow cruiser found a nice sandy spot to set the hook.  A lot of tidal current here so the bottom is pretty well scoured and you have to look for pockets of sand that will hold the hook with enough swinging room around to not bump into anything when the tide changes.  We plan to clear customs today and head out tomorrow for another anchorage on the way to the Abacos.  There is a strong from forecast to pass through on Wednesday and Thursday so we want to be in a secure anchorage then. 
We had a nice suprise when we were anchored in Lake Worth Saturday evening.  We had only been there an hour or so when Cat sees a boat cuming in under sail across the harbor and says " I think thats Maverick.  We grabbed the binocks and sure enough it was  Maverick
(aka the old Erin Star) with Bob and Pat Hutchison aboard.  They were just crossing back over from the Bahamas after spending a few months crusing there.  After they go anchored they dinked over and had drinks and dinner with us and filled our heads with info on their Bahamas experience.  Very nice!  They are headed back to Niceville via the Keys.
We are looking forward to cruising the islands for a while and having a few friends and relatives join us on occasion.  We will continue to communicate when possible.

Sunset at Wrightsville Beach, NC

Georgetown, SC

Foggy morning on the Stono River, SC

Tybee Island Light, GA

Slightly off station bouy, Cumberland Island, GA

Wild Horse, Cumberland Island, GA

Main Road, Cumberland Island, GA

2 Feb 08

Hi all,
     Cat and I have spent an enjoyable couple of days with her brother Marty and his family in Charleston and plan to be on our way south again soon.  So far the trip down from Virginia has been mostly routine, a little cold, a little too much wind from the wrong direction at times, and a fair amount of sun.  Unfortunately most of our time underway has been under power although we have had a couple of nice days sailing the sounds of North Carolina and one offshore run from Beaufort to Wrightsville Beach, NC.  It is nice to be getting to warmer weather.  We had a first while passing through Norfolk, a Coast Guard crew boarded us for a safety check while we were making our way up the ship channel.  There weren't many recreational boat out so we figured that they were a little bored and needed some training for the young boarding crew.  They were very courteous and did a thorough job of checking us out.  We passed with flying colors of course. 
     We have spent the majority of our nights at anchor in various creeks and harbors but are now tied up at the Charleston City Marina because of its' convenience.  We probably won't make any more marina visits except for fuel until we get to Melbourne, Florida area.  Will probably spend a day or two there going shopping for groceries and maybe visiting friends.  We are looking forward to heading out again and maybe catching up with some other cruising friends along the way in Florida or the Bahamas.  I am sending along a couple of pictures of a sunset in Wrightsville Beach, NC, and the harbor at Georgetown, SC.

21 Jan 08

Hi friends,
Cat and I arrived back at the boat in Deltaville last week and have been preparing her for our trip south.  We are about there and plan to depart either today or tomorrow depending on how we feel.  The weather here has been everything from nice in the 50's to cold and snowing in the 20's.  Today its 22 this morning and clear as a bell.  I've had a first this trip, shoveling snow off the decks!!  It was unique but not an experience I plan to repeat too often. I will try to send along a couple of pictures. 
Larry and Cat